Zero waste podcast funding

Recycling container with a shower-cap

Greener Leith is delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded funding from the City of Edinburgh Council Waste Action Grant scheme to produce a series of 12 podcasts on the subject of waste prevention.

Each podcast will take a different angle on the subject, and we’ll aim to release two roughly every month from July to December 2011.

A familiar voice to Greener Leith supporters, Emily Dodd, who already blogs for this site, will be producing the recordings on our behalf.

Charlotte Encombe, Chair of Greener Leith said:

“We hope that these podcasts will help to inspire people to think about the way they do things and help share some of the best ideas that people around the city have come up with to help achive a zero waste city.”

“The podcasts will be freely available online, and so we hope that they will act as a learning resource for community groups and schools all over Edinburgh, and indeed the world.”

“We’re very grateful to the City of Edinburgh Council and the ongoing support of the Vegware Community Fund for helping to fund the project. We know that our social media driven campaigns work, and this is a tremendous vote of confidence from our funders.”

Joe Frankel, CEO of Edinburgh based Vegware said:

“The Vegware Community Fund now supports 7 organisations around the UK. We’re delighted to be able to help fund this project, as our company is all about providing simple and economic ways to help people to reduce their impact on the environment.”

Here’s some of the topics that you can expect to hear about over the coming year: 

  • Where does our waste go?
  • Composting basics – garden waste.
  • Composting food waste with worms
  • Cutting food waste with Kitchen Canny
  • Buy nothing, borrow it instead.
  • Buy nothing, repair and re-skill.
  • Don’t be a dumb dumper – In praise of charity shops and re-use projects.
  • The joy of poo – Real-nappies.
  • Shop Local, Shop Smart
  • Community solutions to waste reduction
  • Cutting waste in the classroom
  • Zero Waste Edinburgh? What will happen to waste in the city in the future?

If you have any ideas for people, organisations or projects that we should feature in the podcasts then contact us to let us know.

You can listen to all our recent Greener Leith podcasts on our Greener Leith audio page. If you have iTunes on your computer you can subscribe to our podcast by clicking here.