What will the Leith Biomass Plant look like from your house?

In an incredible feat of citizen ingenuity, a local resident has put together a pretty realistic mock-up of the proposed Forth Energy power plant that you can view in Google Earth. The layout of the buildings and dimensions are based on the information submitted in the detailed planning application.

This means that you can fly around it, and view it from any angle, or viewpoint you please.

To view it, you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. You can get that here:


Once you’ve done that, or if you already have Google Earth on your computer, then you need to download the kml file that shows the proposed power plant and open it with Google Earth.

You can download the Leith Biomass kml file by clicking here.

For a more realistic impression of how it looks we recommend that you turn on the ‘3d buildings’ setting.

You can save any interesting views that you find. Feel free to add them to the Greener Leith photo pool on Flickr if you’d like to share any with the rest of the world. They’ll then show up in the slideshow on our images page. 

  • http://www.twitter.com/yonmei Yonmei

    Sorry, unless you already know how to use Google Earth (which I don't) this is not a helpful post: I've followed all the instructions given but I still have no idea how to "see" what the biomass plant will look like from my house – I've found my house, but no obvious means of using Google Earth to "see" from a street viewpoint.