Traffic Owls bound for Leith Walk

What’s a traffic owl? Not a new kind of obscure Leith bird. These are Traffic Owls:

Just when you thought the road works were over on Leith Walk, it transpires that lots of traffic owls will be added to Leith Walk between the 10th and the 12th of January. Further road works are likely, although the dates have not been confirmed, as Scottish Water ‘abandon’ the old water mains in favour of the new ones that were installed in preparation for the Tram.You do remember those plans to lay a tram down Leith Walk?

You can download more details on precisely where the Traffic Owls will go by clicking here.

  • Alan

    You mentioned the trams!

    They should definitely stop me from driving on the wrong side of the road. Me so crazy!

  • James Marshall

    At last someone has shown me what a "traffic owl" is – thanks Ally! I had visions of some big-eyed bird (okay, Ally has already made that joke) in a fluorescent jacket directing the traffic. Then again, when I first went to primary school I thought the fire drill was literally a pneumatic road drill that spat fire as it wandered the classrooms, which meant we had to line up outside until it was gone.

    However what happens when the signs get hit by something? The existing plastic keep-left boxes fit over lights in the ground and can be refitted if they are knocked off. Do traffic owls bounce back? Does anyone give a hoot? (Sorry…)