The unavoidable budget – in Leithers tweets!

This year the HM Treasury tried a new approach to getting the word out about the budget. They worked with Talk About Local to send selected ‘Hyperlocal’ websites details of the budget super quick, and Greener Leith was amongst the organisations to be included in the communications drive to get the word out. Sure enough, straight after George Osborne finished his speech, we received an email which included some photos and a whole batch of documents.

The Guardian have a simple guide to the changes in bullet points. The key Treasury info is this summary of how the changes will affect Scotland:

HM treasury also put these diagrams on-line for you to peruse.

You can also listen to the whole budget speech, or download as an MP3, from here:

You might also want to check out the response from the Scottish Government and COSLA.

Since we received the email we’ve been scratching our head a little bit – as clearly there are lots of other people better qualified to report on the details and the impact in Scotland. So then, we thought, well let’s take a really hyperlocal look at what local folk think about the budget – and this is of course when Twitter and blogs come into their own. But before we show anything, or link to anything, we should add, that our selection aims merely to represent the views of local folk – as a charity we don’t endorse any political party.

First of all, over on the Leithal Yak blog Norrie has posted a cartoon of George Osbourne dancing on the grave of the public sector.

Calum Alden says he’s going to emigrate:

Richard Cross wondered whether a certain leading LibDem had had surgery recently:

Kate Joester, Wardie Resident, and Green Candidate in the last General Election for Edinburgh North & Leith noted wryly:

Jeff Breslin, former resident of Leith, now living in London asks an interesting question:

Meanwhile the Director of Campaigns for the Scottish LibDems, who lives in Leith, Andrew Reeves, dismissed Labour folk as ‘childish':

 And these were pretty much all the Leith based/connected Tweets we could find about the budget. Perhaps last but not least we should sign off with a tweet by Tony Leach who tried to work out with Lilly Lyle whether a Tweet Tax might be a useful way to raise some cash.