Share Your Greener Leith News on Twitter

We’re not sure how many of our readers use the on-line bookmarking service Delicious. Users of the site will know that keeping your favourite pages stored on-line is quite handy. Rather than have them stuck on one computer, you can access them from any computer with an internet connection. Not only that, Delicious allows you to ‘Tag’ any web page, and share it with other people.

We have already established a public Greener Leith ‘photo pool’ on the website Flickr, where anyone can submit photos of things they think are related to Greener Leith. Now, if you find a web page that you think is relevant to Greener Leith readers, you can tag it with ‘GreenerLeith’ on delicious and the page will automatically be shared with people who follow Greener Leith on Twitter, where we’ve established a sort of ‘Greener Leith News Extra’ for bits and pieces that don’t quite make it to our main news page.

Confused? Don’t worry – You can try Twitter, Delicious and Flickr out for yourself – they’re all free!