Scots Together promises to use people power to cut energy bills

Scots Together scheme promises people cheaper bills

Scots Together scheme promises people cheaper bills

A new bulk buying scheme that aims to help people save hundreds of pounds from their fuel bills has been launched today by Leith based social enterprise – Changeworks.

Rather than leaving individuals to buy their power on a house by house basis, the project will negotiate with power companies on behalf of all the people who register to take part.

The theory goes – the more people who agree to take part in the project, the more bargaining power the project will have, and the more potential there is for the scheme to save householders cash.

Organisers hope that Scots Together can replicate the success of a similar bulk purchase project coordinated by the Eden Project in Cornwall, which successfully brokered lower energy prices for 10,000 people.

Given that fuel poverty in Scotland is on the increase, largely due to rising fuel costs and falling welfare payments, the scheme holds out the prospect of providing people with a welcome opportunity to save some cash.

In Leith, the scheme may be particularly attractive to householders, as it can be very expensive to improve the energy efficiency of older, solid-stone walled properties.

The project has been set up with nearly half a million pounds of grant funding from Westminster. 

Changeworks Chief Executive, Teresa Bray said: “Building on the expertise and experience of Cornwall Together, we will make it easier for householders in Scotland to get a better deal.”

You can register your interest in the scheme and find out more at the Scots Together website: