Restalrig railway path access improvements announced


Missed Opportunity #2

The photo above was taken in 2008, when the Restalrig Railway path – which runs from Leith Academy to Seafield Street was almost unnavigable on a bike.

Now, it has been entirely surfaced, but there are still some access ramps and steps that are in a poor state.

So path users will be delighted to know that the council has confirmed that the a date has been pencilled in to complete the finishing touches along the route. 

To complete the upgrade work, council officers have said that they will need to close the path over eight weeks, with work not scheduled to start until January the 28th, 2013. 

They also say that they’ll do their best to mimimise disruption during this period – so it would also seem unlikely that the whole path will be closed for the whole eight weeks.

The improvements will see access ramps and steps upgraded along the route in order to make the path itself easier to access all the way along. 

It also looks as though the double chicane gates by Leith Academy may be removed. Council officers insisted on instaling (against our advice) those gates to replace the monstrosity of a barrier you can see above when they upgraded that part of the path around 2010.

Removing the chicanes will be a boon to anyone who uses a ‘non-standard’ bike on the path from double buggy pushers to tandem users.

You can find a map here that identifies the work sites, and where neighbours will be notified. 

Restalrig Railway Path Access Improvements