Newhaven Habour storm surge in pictures

Newhaven Harbour Spring Tide by Grant Ritchie

You may remember, that in early December last year we had a ‘weather event,’ which tripped the storm surge alarms at SEPA. Easterly winds, coupled with low pressure, high rainfall and high spring tides threatened to overwhelm local flood defences.

In the end, although some buildings were damaged by the high wind in December, there were no serious floods. The water level along the coast was very high and if nothing else this made for some interesting photos in places like Newhaven Harbour.

Then, in early January the storm surge warnings were put out again as SEPA looked at the weather forecasts.

But, this time the photographers were ready and as the tide rose and rose, the sun began to set on almost windless day. This made for some stunning photos – and fortunately there was again very little local flood damage.

One of Edinburgh’s most well known photographers, Grant Ritchie, has given Greener Leith permission to publish these amazing shots that he took that day. You can find more of Grant’s photos on his popular Facebook page.

Newhaven Harbour Spring Tide by Grant Ritchie

Newhaven Harbour Spring Tide by Grant Ritchie

Of course, although we got off relatively lightly on the east coast in these last two events. The west coast around the Clyde estuary was affected by the storm surges, and as close to home as Musselburgh, locals reported that the water was within inches of flooding people’s homes. Here’s some photos from the west coast:

If you live in flood risk area, you can sign up to SEPA’s flood alert system to keep you informed when there’s an alert in the area. You can find out more on the SEPA website.

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