Nature Calendar: March

Welcome to the first edition of our brand new monthly podcast series, Nature’s Calendar. We went for a wander in Warriston Cemetery to bring you the best of Leith’s nature in March. What was lurking in the bushes? What clues did nature leave behind? Listen and find out:


What have you seen out and about in March? Please share your nature stories, photos, audio and films in the comments below. 

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Read about this podcast on the Earth Calling website. It was also featured in the Edinburgh Guardian and the Scottish Roundup of four seasons in one blog (we’re at end of winter).

Thanks to the nature experts Angus Egan and Laura Weston and to Jazz Canary for stepping in last minute to help with sound.

Written by Emily Dodd

  • Alan McIntosh

    Great stuff on a beautiful corner of Edinburgh! Go back in summer and experience the jungle! I have mixed feelings about the balance of Nature and Garden here, and would ascribe more of the headstone damage to people than Gus, but it certainly is a magical spot with some interesting raptors on display later in the year. FYI: it all dates from 1843. I would not recommend wandering around it at night.

  • Crafty green Poet

    I've seen dippers collecting nest material, blue tits checking out a nest box, all the tits chasing each other madly, I've heard woodpeckers drumming and seen a pair chasing each other, I've seen my first butterfly (over a week ago now).

  • Emily Dodd

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, I'm sure we can take a trip back there later in the year too.
    I read some of the news and blogs objecting to the state of the Cemetery before we visited. Wasn't sure what to expect but really enjoyed exploring such a magical place. Good to have a date too.

    Wow, spring has sprung, sounds wonderful. I'm always relieved to see the butterflies after a cold winter, part of me is afraid they may have all frozen but no, out they pop from old churches and their other hiding places. Is very reassuring to see. Do you have any photos or links to spring poems you've written that we can share?