Leith Decides 2013: Who should you vote for?

Montgomery Street Park Mural

A new mural in Montgomery Street Park, wildflowers along the Water of Leith, an adapted bike so that local disabled people can go cycling, outdoor kit for a local nursery, support for new theatre shows, or the development of apps for Leith Late 2013…

These are just some of the projects vying for your votes over the coming weeks in the run up to this years Leith Decides event, where local people decide which projects get £22,000 worth of council funding.

38 projects have thrown their hat in the ring this year – Greener Leith is not one of them, we got some funding last year and thought we’d give other groups a chance this year.

As most of the applications are for more than £1000, it’s clear that there will be genuine competition for funding. It’s likely that only 22 of the most popular projects are likely to win through. This means each application has a slightly better than 50/50 chance of winning cash.

This is the third year that the Participatory Budgeting project has run, and it seems that some groups are getting better at rallying their vote. We’ve received several tweets and emails urging us to back particular individual projects – and it will be interesting to see which projects win through and whether more people will vote this year than the 702 who took part last year.

With many project proposals from youth groups and schools, parent power may well be the winner!

If you can’t make the public voting day at Out of the Blue – it’s not too late to get a postal vote.

We’ve put together the table below to help you decide which ones you should vote for. Let us know who you’ll be voting for and why in the comments below:

Newhaven Scout GroupNew sports and camping equipment£1161http://bit.ly/Z4zR1a
Bethany Christian TrustDeveloping The Bugle newsletter£500http://bit.ly/Yxguvv
Citadel Arts GroupDeveloping a play for Leith Festival with local primary school pupils£1200http://bit.ly/12svnWW
Citadel Youth CentreYoung Mums group£1000http://bit.ly/XVAitO
CLASPCooking equipment for after school club£1200http://bit.ly/XbjQY8
Dunedin Canmore Housing AssociatinFootball Works project£1118http://bit.ly/WxOh9W
Edinburgh Garden PartnersInformation day at the Botanics£1230http://bit.ly/ZhlXg5
Edinburgh LeisurePilrig Gymnastic Club£1200
Fabb ScotlandPurchase of an adapted bike, for use by local disabled people£1200http://bit.ly/W0MOGZ
Fort Youth and Community WingEnhancements to outdoor space£720http://bit.ly/Z4BXOy
Friends of Lorne Primary SchoolImprove outdoor space and learning areas£1200http://bit.ly/YxhRdM
Friends of Montgomery Street ParkA new mural in the park£900http://bit.ly/VmktxC
Friends of Prospect Bank SchoolA climbing wall for school playground£1200http://bit.ly/XeFPfL
Gooseander Residents AssociationA living garden in the residents secure garden area£1128http://bit.ly/Zhn2Va
Leith Business AssociationWebsite and training£1200http://bit.ly/VWLpqh
Leith Community TheatreLeith Community Theatre Summer Show£1200http://bit.ly/YxiIen
Leith St Andrews PlaygroupNew equipment, toys and learning materials£1199http://bit.ly/Xbmrl1
Leith Festival AssociationInformation centre for Leith Gala Day£465http://bit.ly/11MfJGG
Leith LateWebsite, promotion and App design£1200http://bit.ly/WO6S35
Leith Primary parent councilWaterproof suits for nursery£1200http://bit.ly/VmlBBl
Leith Primary parent councilPlay equipment£1188http://bit.ly/VWLMBb
Leith Sea CadetsTraining courses for Sea Cadets£910http://bit.ly/XfIqE8
Leith Theatre TrustFree singing workshops£1200http://bit.ly/12sCmPK
Leith Walk Primary School Parent CouncilWaterproof suits for nursery£795http://bit.ly/Vmmeuz
Leith Walk Primary School Parent CouncilSmartboard£1200http://bit.ly/14XZ6FR
LifecareWork placement programme£1200http://bit.ly/14XZfch
Multi Cultural Family BaseFootball project for BME children£1200http://bit.ly/12TfMQf
Newhaven Coastal Rowing ClubTraining and equipment for beginners boat£1200http://bit.ly/Z4FfSb
North Edinburgh Dementia CarePodiatry/Chiropody service£1200http://bit.ly/VWMrCD
North Edinburgh Dementia CareReminisence sessions£1200http://bit.ly/14XZyUo
SplashbackNorth Leith Sands – Sandcastle Competition£577http://bit.ly/VmnspH
SS Explorer Preservation SocietyRepairing ships heating system£1000http://bit.ly/XfJCYm
Strange Town Theatre CompanyComputer equipment to support youth work experience£968http://bit.ly/XeM0jZ
Strange Town Theatre CompanyDrama workshops at Lorne Primary School£1195http://bit.ly/Vq9F49
The Ripple ProjectRegular Youth Disco at Kirkgate Community Centre£942http://bit.ly/YmyDxk
The Rotary Club of LeithDragon Boat fundraising event equipment£1200http://bit.ly/YmyMRr
Victoria Primary School PTAMural£1200http://bit.ly/XEQTQy
Water of Leith Conservation TrustWildflower and spring bulb planting£1049http://bit.ly/YelxAt
  • http://twitter.com/mrrrrrow Maeve

    I say spend the £50k on all of these, rather than resurfacing the paths on the Links. They’re still useable (though of course, if there are safety issues around the school, that’s different!).

    But all of the projects here could make real, lasting improvements in the lives of many residents of Leith.