Leith Biomass Update: Leaked Health Concerns and Public Meeting

Today The Courier posted information from a leaked report from Tayside NHS that highlights the local health concerns that the body has over the Forth Energy plan to build a giant power plant in the middle of Dundee – a city with existing air quality problems. In the detailed plans that have been released for the Dundee plant, it has come to light that around 19% of the population are likely to suffer from worsened air quality if the plant gets the go ahead.

Forth Energy also plan to build a larger plant in Leith, an urban area which also suffers from similar air quality problems to those in Dundee. However, detailed plans that will estimate the air quality impact in Leith have not been released yet. Nevertheless, it seems likely that the many of the points Tayside NHS make about the Dundee plant could apply just as well to the proposed Leith plant. According to the article Tayside NHS make the following point:

“NHS Tayside notes with concern that the siting of this facility is within an area where there are existing air quality issues that has been declared an Air Quality Management Area for nitrogen dioxide, and will soon be for particulates.

“The need and requirement is stated as being for a significant reduction of a range of airborne pollutants and the addition of this facility can only contribute to an increase in levels. How will increases in air pollutants such as those modelled assist the achievement of obligations to reduce pollutants of concern?”

You can read the full article in The Courier here.

Meanwhile, the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership has announced a public meeting on the Leith Power Plant plans at Drummond Community High School at 7pm on Wednesday the 9th of February. It will be chaired by Planning Aid Scotland, and will allow members of the public to put questions to the developer, Forth Energy. The meeting has been timed to coincide with the public consultation period on the detailed planning application for the Leith plant, which is currently unavailble.

If you would like to attend the meeting, you should book a place by contacting Jennifer Wood on 0131 529 6173 or you can email her at [email protected]