Last day for Leith Power Plant objections.

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Today is the last day for members of the public to object to the Forth Energy Leith Biomass plant. If you’ve not objected yet you can do it online, really easily on the Friends of the Earth Website by clicking here.

The campaign has generated a resounding no from Leithers, and civic society. Lothians SNP MSP, Shirely-Anne Somerville asked the Scottish Government how many objections they’d received this week. The answer?

898 objections logged against the proposal, with approximately 400 still to be recorded. Only 2 representations have been received that are in favour of the plant.

In addition we know of at least 5 community councils that have objected to the plan. Numerous local residents groups, and politicians of many persuations. More objections have been published online this week, and as we still cannot depend on the Scottish Government to publish all objections in a transparent way, we link to as many of them as we can find here:

With the period of public consultation drawing to a close, attention will now focus on the City of Edinburgh Council response. Although it is the Scottish Governent who will utlimately decide on whether the plant will get consent, if the council objects, they will force the application to go to a public enquiry.

So far we know the SNP group on the council is against it. We know that the Green group is against it. And we know that Labour are likely against it. There are 58 city councillors, and the SNP, Labour and Greens together make 30 councillors, so if a vote were to go to party political lines we could, in theory see the proposals rejected.

Among the LibDems only Cllr Louise Lang, and Cllr Marjorie Thomas  have made public statements of opposition to the plant. A number of other LibDems have also expressed reservations but not outright opposition. We have heard no Conservative councillors express an opinion on the matter.

Should you wish to continue to support the campaign we recommend that you consider writing or emailing Liberal Democrat or Conservative councillors in key positions. You may also want to write to councillors on the Planning Committee.

The Guardian Edinburgh website has also been publishing some passionate objections to the plant from local residents:

If you would like us to link to, or publish your objection, please do get in touch.