Jazz is the teacher

Jazz is the teacher

You don’t need to search that far on the internet to see that there’s a graffiti artist/vandal (delete as you see fit) in Leith who has a prediliction for writing vaguely philosophical things on walls around Leith. The photo above shows his latest offering, which has appeared near Rikkis Music Shop on Leith Walk.

Many people will recall “Do Not Be Afraid” on the wall of the old video rental shop on Leith Walk which is possibly the urban philosphers greatest hit, however other phrases clearly from the same back catalogue include:

“Don’t want to be alone in case those things come round again.”

“Sent U Flowers U Wanted Chocolates Instead”

“Lovers Sleep Alone”

Do you like this type of graffiti? Or do you think it’s simply vandalism? Do you know the mystery philospher of Leith? And if you do, can you find out if they’d like to write a guest blog post for Greener Leith to explain more?

  • Duke Street Dod

    I have long admired the esoteric work of Leith's philosophical Banksy.

    I have to say that I don't think the latest Jazz example is by the same person as the previous phrases.

    Differnt feel, and its the name of a techno track I think. Just a bit of music fandom, while the other ones are more enigmatic.