It’s Compost Time

It’s International Compost Awareness Week! Composting is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill and make a beneficial produce for your garden. From 1 to 8 May 2011, volunteers from Leith based organisation Changeworks are on hand to offer free, expert advice on home composting.

If you want to know how to get started, where to put your bin or what goes in it, just come along to one of the following events:

  • Blackhall Primary School Eco Fair, Edinburgh, Saturday 7 May
  • Kevock Garden Open Day, Lasswade, Sunday 8 May

Or you can log on to the Changework website for more information or phone the composting help line below.

If you are already composting but need some help to check that everything is breaking down nicely you can book a home visit. All volunteers are experienced composters so don’t worry, they won’t be put off by the state of your bin.

Leith resident and volunteer Daniel Prince said: “I enjoy talking to others to help them start composting. It’s much easier than people think and you don’t need that much space in your garden or need to be into gardening to successfully home compost.”

To book a home visit call 0131 555 4010 or email [email protected]. Happy composting!

Image credit Helen Pugh Photography.

Written by Emily Dodd