Introducing Nature’s Calendar

It’s almost spring, a time for cleaning, new life and audio awakenings. This weekend we record the first of our monthly nature’s calendar podcast. We aim to bring you the best of nature’s monthly splendor out and about in Leith.

The Nature’s Calendar Team

Our wildlife experts are is Angus Egan (pictured left) and Laura Weston (pictured middle) from Earth Calling, Lothian’s leading provider of inspirational, hands-on environmental education. Angus is passionate about connecting people to nature and he once persuaded me (pictured right) to put a slug on my face, yuk! I’ll be asking Angus questions, enjoying nature in my local neighbourhood and avoiding slugs.  

We need your help

Did you photograph a flower flaunting its flora? Is there something beautiful in your local park that should be shared? Here’s a photo Earth Calling took last week of a shoot piercing through the dead leaves. From the Water of Leith to Warriston Graveyard, we want you to film it, record it, photograph it, write about it, sing about it and please, share it this March. Ask questions too, we’ll do our best to answer them, either here or during the podcast. 

We’re looking for a theme tune too, something short and sweet. Are you creative, musical and good with a microphone? Here’s my attempt, if you don’t help you’ll be stuck listening to my whistling all year:


Speaking of creative and good with a microphone, acclaimed Scottish Journalist Tom Allan heard about this project and recorded this great audio of the birds coming in to roost:


I hope that’s convinced you it’s time to dust the cobwebs off your bike and bring out the binoculars. We weren’t meant to be birds in cages. Enjoy the peace connecting with nature brings and go outside. 

Image Credit: Earth Calling

Written by Emily Dodd

  • Monica Thompson

    What a delightful page! I can't wait to see what your friends and acquaintances in Leith come up with! It looks as though you are interested in nature and all things green, as are we, even though we're city planners. Congratulations for such a handsome site.

  • Emily Dodd

    Hi Monica,
    Thanks very much for your feedback.
    I'm interested to know how you came to visit the Greener Leith site?
    I see you're making a difference over in the US, great job (: