More Leith to Portobello path improvements

Porty to Leith cycle way improvements

The council has announced a second phase of works to improve the path link between Leith Links and Portobello. After the first phase was completed, anecdotal evidence at least seems to suggest that there’s been a marked rise in the numbers of folk using the pathway to walk and cycle between Leith and Portobello.

The latest works will see two main areas of improvement. The part of most interest to Leithers will be further improvements to the path that runs along the northern edge of Leith Links. This is to be widened and flattened out, helping to reduce conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians.

The junction at the Children’s Orchard is to be made more acute, in a bid to naturally slow cyclists down at this point.

The other significant bit of work will see the pavement widened between Seafield and Portobello – again providing a better surface and more space to minimise conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition, the junction where people cross the road at Seafield Street is to be tweaked too, as the council’s first design left many people unimpressed.

Whilst many will welcome the latest investment in the route, cyclists will be sad to learn that we’ve still seen no plans to improve the cycle infrastructure between The Shore and Leith Links – which is still the most dangerous part of the route. Further improvements are urgently needed on Tollbooth Wynd and Queen Charlotte Street if we’re to see the Leith – Portobello route linked properly with the rest of the North Edinburgh cycle network.

Work on this next phase is to start on the 3rd of March and officials estimate it will take five weeks to complete.

  • Dave du Feu, Spokes

    Re. the connection between Leith Links and Shore, our understanding is that the Council is planning to do that next year as phase 3 of the entire P’bello-Leith project, this year’s work (as in your article) being phase 2.
    Dave du Feu, Spokes

    • allytibbitt

      Thanks for confirming this Dave. That info hadn’t been shared locally, I don’t think.

  • Dave McCraw

    What’s the significance of the purple colouring at the railway bridge? Are they going to fix that terrible gulley which is half full of sign posts?

    • allytibbitt

      Er, no. As far as I remember, fixing that pinch point is tricky, and the purple indicates that it’s NOT going to be widened as part of this work. I think officials are still working out how to sort that bit.

  • Mike Adams

    I have seen a pedestrian bridge built on the out side of a bridge that is already there. Yes it would cost some money but I have looked at the bridge and it would be almost impossible to narrow the road on this bad bend. This was built in Yorshire.