Help complete the Pilrig Park Berry Hedge

Volunteers Plant Hedge in Pilrig Park 4

Greener Leith is calling on volunteers to help us complete the Pilrig Park berry hedge on Saturday the 19th of March. As you can see from the photo, we planted the first half of the hedge, with help from Pilrig Park School pupils and local volunteers, in 2008. However, we couldn’t finish it as part of the wall was scheduled to be rebuilt.

The wall has long since been completed, and the part of the wall that is not hidden by a hedge is now covered in graffiti. The bit we did plant grew rapidly, as you can see in the photo below, taken last summer. So, Greener Leith is delighted to announce that we have successfully sourced funding from the Pilrig Residents Association, and the Vegware Community Fund to complete the job.

As previously, pupils from Pilrig Park School will help to plant the hedge on the Friday the 18th. The council have alse pledged to clear the wall of graffiti before we start planting. However, there will undoubtedly be plenty left to do on the Saturday.

Charlotte Encombe, Chair of Greener Leith said:

“Greener Leith is very grateful for all the local support that is has received over the years.   The first leg of the Berry Hedge, which was planted with the help of local volunteers and children from Pilrig School, has been extremely successful in preventing graffiti as well as vandalism in the park.  The native plant species are good for local wildlife and we hope that in years to come they will produce the ingredients for many a pot of hedgerow jelly.”

“I am very happy to have the help from pupils and teachers from Pilrig School once more, particularly pleased with the way that CEC have been on hand to support Greener Leith in providing expertise, tools and man power, but I would also like to thank the Pilrig Residents’ Association, who provided the funds to plant the last 150 meters of the Berry Hedge.”

We’re also delighted that the event will also see the City of Edinburgh Council launch its Britain in Bloom campaign for 2011. More details on this will be covered by a seperate press release that will probably be issued by the council in the next few days.

To take part, meet in the park at 10am on the Saturday. Please bring your own gloves and spades if you can. If you’d like more information please contact us.

Whilst anyone is welcome to simply  turn-up on the day, you can confirm your attendance by signing up for the event on the Greener Leith Social.

Please note that under 16’s need to have an adult with them.