Free walking tour of historic Leith available for download

Lothian Buses have produced a free audio guide to Leith, aimed at highlighting the long and varied history of the neighbourhood to tourists. 

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t be a tourist in your own neighbourhood, and having had a listen it’s quite likely that most Leithers might learn something about their story of the place where they live by going for a wee wander with some head phones on. 

The tour starts and finishes at the Foot of the Walk and according to the blurb:

“This walk comes in two stages and can be done in one go or can be completed in two separate visits. The commentary is educational and entertaining, historic but with a light hearted touch and has something to offer to all ages and all levels of interest. Each walk should take about an hour.”

You can find out more and download the audio files from the ‘Uncle Bob’s audio tours’ page here.


You’ll note that there is mention of The Leith Trust being involved in the tour. The Leith Trust currently has no website, but it does involve some high powered people, according to this website.

Indeed, it appears to be an organisation made up of Edinburgh residents who have Leith sympathies. These include Sue Bruce, the Chief Executive of the City of Edinburgh Council, The Lord Provost (for the next few days at least) George Grubb, Ian Craig, Chief Executive of Lothian Buses, and Professor J.R Hume. 

Gordon Munro, sheds some more light on the mysterious Leith Trust organisation, which in no circumstances should be confused with The Leith Civic Trust, in this article in the Leither.