Fix My Tweet

Greener Leith is a big fan of the My Society service that makes the process of reporting issues like potholes, litter and graffiti easy and more transparent. 

There’s already various phone applications to make it easy to report things when you’re out and about. However, a new service, called Fix My Tweet, has been launched that allows you to report things into FixMyStreet via Twitter. All you need to do is register your email on the site, and then you send a tweet with the postcode, a description of the problem, a link to the photo (optional) and the hashtag #fixmytweet

As an example, here’s a tweet we made earlier:


Best of all if you’re using Twitter from your phone, (using an application such as Tweetie 2 for iPhone, Ubertwitter for Blackberry or Twidroid for Android) you don’t even need to know the postcode of the place where the problem is. You can geotag your tweet instead. This is an important feature, and we think this’ll make the FixMyTweet service even easier to use than the official iPhone application.

Local authorities in England are starting to embace FixMyStreet by investing in it in various ways. FixMyTweet was built by Lichfield District Council – even though it works throughout the UK. Meanwhile Barnet Council have integrated the service straight into their main website.

Whilst we’ve not detected the same enthusiasm for FixMyStreet in Edinburgh Council, you can continue to view the latest local reports that people have made on our Fix My Leith page here. It’s heartening to see that more and more local folk seem to be using it, and FixMyTweet is so easy to use that we hope it will encourage even more folk to get involved.

You can register your email with here.