Does every Lidl help on Easter Road?

Lidl Easter Road

An early proposal for a new Lidl store on the site of the former B&Q outlet at 238 Easter Road has surfaced on the Leith Central Community Council website.

Apart from a few more diagrams, from which we can glean that the store will incorporate a bakery and some freezers, little more information on the proposal is given on the Leith Central Community Council. There seems to be nothing on the council planning portal either.

What do you think? Would you welcome an extra Lidl in Leith, or do you think there are already enough chain stores in the neighbourhood? If you’d rather something else on the site, what would you like to see happen? It would be possible to argue that a big store on that site could help to boost footfall on Easter Road and thus help to support other traders on the street. But others may take the view that there is already an over provision of big brand food shops in the area.

Incidentally, these proposals from Lidl have cropped up surprisingly quickly after planners refused the supermarket firm permission to set up on a site on the far edge of Craigentinny – on the former Land Rover garage at the northern end of Inchview Terrace.  The council refused them permission there, would it be as likely to do the same thing on Easter Road? Perhaps not.

  • Joanne H

    I’d actually be quite happy to see this, I live very close by and the surrounding retail units are quite shabby, with adequate parking it would provide a boost to a very quiet bit of the road and hopefully increased footfall for the top end of the road which has a lovely selection of shops.

  • Michael Traill

    There are loads of things Id rather see on that site but the reality is, its a vacant site, being left to get run down by the owners, there are no other publicly announced plans for the site. Lets take the superstore whilst we have the chance. If people dont want it, they wont shop in it and it will go out of business etc

  • Tom Pearson

    Think it would be great for Easter Road. Would boost footfall hugely, and would bring much more footfall to the lower part of Easter road. Some more of the retail units may get taken or improved because of the boost in footfall.

  • EllaII

    I was at the Leith Central Community Council when Lidl’s surveyor visited. They haven’t put in their planning application yet -they’re just opinion gathering at the moment, though they have a legal position on the site