Edinburgh Promenade Update

Leithers may not know that the construction of the proposed Edinburgh Promenade has begun with the completion of a new kilometer of path between Silverknowes and Granton. The council has also approved a design code for the path – although we note that the request for £250,000 capital funding each year to deliver the project has not been confirmed yet.  

But there’s also another problem. Although the phasing of many parts of the route has been brought forwards, the middle part of the route through Leith Docks isn’t set to complete for decades to come (download a map showing timescales here), as it needs to be built by the private developers that will build on the docks. This means we’ve a question to resolve – how can we bridge the gap between the existing parts of the coastal route to the East and West of Leith in the meantime? Greener Leith proposes a temporary route along the lines of the one in the map below as the best solution, although we know representatives of Wardie Bay Residents Association have proposed a different route.

Yes, money would need to be spent improving paths, signage, crossings and replacing steps, but with a relatively small amount of investment we could have a low traffic route linking Leith with Portobello and Granton. This route would also link two Primary Schools, Victoria Quay, The Shore, the Kirkgate, Ocean Terminal and the new Asda. It would also connect with existing traffic free routes in North Edinburgh. Is this the right way to bridge the gap? Let us know what you think.


  • Nikki MacLeod

    Thanks for posting that Ally. You’re route is an excellent temporary fix, which has useful variants including not turning right at hte shore but carrying on along the WoL through Victoria Path to the Trinity Rd junction. In fact, using this route I recently cycled from my house in Lower Granton Rd to Cockenzie in about and hour, so its quite quick too. The alternative route, which more correctly is mine rather than from WRBA is here:


    It is a more maritime option and apparently there has already been some discussion between the Council and Forth Ports about possible alternative routes. This suggestion uses Marine Esplanade, Albert Road and Marine Drive and sort of follows the proposed reopening of Marine Drive eastwards of the Casino at the end of Constitution St then heads along Marine Drive to Ocean Terminal. When the whole promenade is completed in silly something year’s time, there will need to be alternative commuter routes across Leith and Granton Harbours anyway for those in a hurry.

    On the recently completed bit, the Council have done a great job and the new section is an absolute joy to cycle along although it does come to an abrupt end about 400m west of Granton beach, although the surveyors have already been down there doing their stuff in a very stiff Easterly and I’m assured by the guys and gals in the Council that they are going to be completing the section eastwards to Granton Harbour ASAP. So things generally moving in the right direction although their budget is only £250K per year which shows just how much the Council value this project :-( . Lets hope their budget runs to clearing all the rubble off this beach which is one of Edinburgh’s least favourable spots to be proud of.


  • Charlotte

    Promenade. The word evokes long walks along windy coast lines. My worry is that Edinburgh’s promenade is destined to be in short bits until global warming laps over its surfaces and then we’ll have other things to worry about. But it warms the cockles of my heart to see that there are good people trying to come up with a solution for the crucial stretch in the middle. We can, however, debate alternative routes till the cows come home; ultimately a way needs to be found to persuade Forth Ports to commit to building the missing link before our feet get wet..