Clean-up leaves Leith Ship Shape despite council lift fail

Depending on who you believe, somewhere between 15 and 50 people were out today cleaning up litter, graffitti and flyposting in and around Constitution Street.

Amongst them was Greener Leith Chair, Charlotte Encombe, and Greener Leith board member and Leith Walk councillor Cllr Gardner.

Utility boxes, lampposts and other bits of street furniture were scrubbed within an inch of their life as our picture below show.

Charlotte scrubbed this bus stop down and manages to look ambivalent about the experience whilst Cllr Gardner looks a long way away from plussed on discovering graffiti on this utility box, also on Consitution Street.

Simultaneously highly trained police officers were also sent out to scrub up the street:

Here one police officer cleans another utility box, whilst a further officer tackles graffiti on a door frame below.

Other councillors spotted on the scene include Cllr Deidre Brock, Cllr Adam McVey and Cllr Gordon Munro.

Cllr McVey demonstrated impressive multi-tasking skills by litter picking on Constitution Street whilst simultaneously tweeting a photograph of himself litter picking on Constitution Street.

Elsewhere, council attempts to bring out the heavy anti-graffiti artillery backfired somewhat when a cherry picker enlisted to help remove graffiti high up on a wall near the foot of Easter Road decided to malfunction leaving two council employees – both called Dave – stranded for two hours whilst their managers figured out how to get them back down.

Sadly we can’t publish the photo of the incident on the blog because it’s copyrighted and belongs to the Deadline newsagency, but if you enjoy a bit of schadenfreude (and who doesn’t?) you can see a photo of the two forlorn Daves left high and dry here.

Over the coming days, council workers will be out cleaning up along the other main arterial routes in Leith.

It’s understood that the two Dave’s who were left high and dry today have demanded a raise from council bosses before they make any further contribution to the initiative.