Award winners announced!

Last night the first ever Greener Leith Awards were dished out at a glitzy festive get together in the Tourmalet bar. The idea behind the awards is to recognise the endevours of local people who have done the most to make Leith a better, more sustainable place to live in the last year. Every award winner was given a unique, hand chosen, upcycled award procured from a local charity shop. There were three categories of awards.

Local Green Heroes

Firstly there were the Local Green Heroes Awards, which are awarded by the Greener Leith committee to recognise volunteers who have made a special contribution to the neighbourhood.This year four Green Hero awards were made to:

Richard and Martin were given their award for volunteering as cycle leaders for our monthly We Love Leith bike rides. Over the year they’ve had to cope with poor weather, various mechanical faults, participants getting lost – you name it!

David Poyner was given an award as he has single handedly led and developed the “Leith Walk” monthly walking group.

Emily Dodd was given a green hero award for helping to develop the Greener Leith podcast, and making such excellent regular contributions to our blog. Below you can see a picture of David Poyner with his porcelain cat award, and Richard Cross enjoying his beer stein award. The other Green Heroes somehow managed to evade capture by the camera.

David Poyner

Richard Cross

The Greener Leith Politician of the Year Award.

Readers of our blog were invited to choose who should win the first ever Politician of the Year award, choosing from a shortlist selected by the Greener Leith management committee. There were three nominations:

In the end, it was a close run thing, with Cllr Thomas receiving 20% of the vote and the MSP’s receiving 37% of the vote. This meant that Cllr Maggie Chapman just won the first ever Greener Leith Politician of the Year Award, with 43% of the vote. It turns out that this is the first political award that she’s won in her political career. Accepting the award, represented by a shiny “golden rhino”, she said:

“This award should really go to Loraine Duckworth, and all the other volunteers and council officers who made the Leith Decides Participatory Budgeting event such a success.”

Maggie Chapman 2

The Greener Leith People’s Award

This award winner was selected from nominations received from our readers through our website. The winner was Angus Millar. Angus is a geologist by day, and volunteers as a community councillor with Leith Links Community Council. He was nominated for all the voluntary work he has put in over recent months, working with more than 400 local school pupils to plant thousands and thousands more spring bulbs on Leith Links. This spring, and indeed every spring for many years to come, you will see the results of all of their hard work! There’s a picture of him below, with his ‘coloured sand vase thing’ award.

Angus Miller

The Raffle

Last but not least we should of course mention that we held an informal raffle on the night too, with prizes generously provided by The Edinburgh Bike Company.

Here’s a photo of two of the winners of the raffle. One of them is called Emma.

Raffle Winners

  • Michael Traill

    well done people!

    It is nice to get a wee bit of recognition and a pat on the back, even the most modest of people would need to admit that.

    Well done everyone, well deserved.