More than 800 people back new Leith Museum petition

Leith Museum campaigners.

Most of Leith follow the popular “Spirit of Leithers” Facebook page, which focusses on sharing historical photos of the neighbourhood.

And if you are among them, you’ll probably already know that the folk behind it – some of whom are in the photo above – have an ambition to go beyond social media. They have rekindled the long-standing campaign to persuade the powers that be to establish a dedicated Leith museum in Customs House on Commercial Street.

A key plank of the campaign is a petition – targeting the First Minister no less. The petition reads:

“The Town of Leith has for decades needed it’s own dedicated Museum. MP’s, MSP’s, Local Councillors and, more importantly, the residents of Leith know that the History of Leith is immense. Despite numerous attempts having previously been thwarted to instigate a Museum, The people of Leith, will continue to use their own Motto, in this request. ” PERSEVERE”. We shall. Edinburgh has for far too long negated it’s responsibility towards Leith. We request that this be put right.”

If you would like to see Customs House turned into a Leith Museum, you can sign the petition online here.

Photo credit: Graham Whyte

  • Graham Whyte

    Just to let you know that I have posted this on Spirit of Leithers main page and, asked the 4,000 + to give you a like. Thanks for your help, really appreciate what you are doing for Leith.

  • Gillian

    Just a thought, why not team up with Leith Theatre and house the museum in part of this potentially fantastic space?